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Create an Outdoor House of Horrors for Halloween

Renee Valdes
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Create an eerie zombie scene for Halloween ll The Home Depot Garden Club

To create an eerie zombie scene or frightful monster-filled one when decorating your outdoor space for Halloween, let these decorations inspire you.

There’s no shortage of Halloween decorations to help transform your outdoor space into a house of horrors.

Look for bone-chilling outdoor Halloween decor that’s animated, giant sized and creepy (just like the zombie apocalypse above) and, of course, a machine that creates fog on demand. There’s no shortage of werewolves and skeletons either, from glow-in-the-dark skeletons to a larger than life T-Rex.

And, that’s just the start.

Create a creepy cemetary on your lawn ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Try turning your lawn into a creepy cemetery with gargoyles, monsters and skeletons. Add your animated tombstones and other cemetery Halloween decor for a fright-filled effect.

These props will surely make your house the scariest on the block.


Wicked witches brewing trouble - create the look ll The Home Depot Garden Club

These Halloween wicked witches looks like they’re brewing trouble. Let them cast a spell in your yard. Passersby and trick or treaters may do a double-take of the witches, with their glowing eyes and animated chants.

Don’t forget pumpkins, real or faux, to create pops of color in the landscape. 


Create a creepy look in your Halloween space with skeleton parts ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Create a scary scene with animated, bone-chilling skeletons or just parts, thereof. Or, let the lighted ghosts stand guard in your yard, letting no one without Halloween spirit pass through.


Create a jurassic look for Halloween with a T-Rex skeleton ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Your outdoor space will look like the dawn of the skeleton dinosaurs with this T-Rex skeleton. Add other dinosaurs, including a hatching baby T-Rex, to the pack for a Jurassic Halloween look. 


These skeleton horses make a fresh appearance for Halloween ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Besides skeleton dinosaurs, look for skeleton vultures and various skeleton horses as scene-setters among the typical cats and dog this Halloween. 

Now all you need is a fog machine and Halloween projection and spotlights to make your outdoor scene more ghastly.


A giant spider crawls over the house ll The Home Depot Garden Club

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