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Transform Steep Inclines Into No-Mow Beds

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: Weekend+

garden tips by region - steep-incline

If you are fortunate to have a grassy slope in your yard, view it as an opportunity to turn a plain spot into something extraordinary.

Plus, you eliminate the tiresome challenge of mowing a steep, dangerous slope.  

Keep your mower on level ground by converting steep inclines into colorful beds of perennials, ground covers, shrubs and meadow grasses for a low-maintenance, erosion-preventing landscape.

Here’s How to Turn Slopes into Mow-Free Beds:

  1. Use a garden hose and marking paint to define new beds.
  2. Spray the area with a broad-spectrum herbicide. It’s not necessary to wait 1-2 weeks for the lawn to die before tilling, but the work will be easier if you do.
  3. Use a broadcast spreader to apply fertilizer.
  4. Spread compost roughly 1” thick to help soil hold water and nutrients.  
  5. Run a tiller over the ground to a depth of 4-6” or turn with a shovel.  
  6. Rake the area smooth.  
  7. Install low-maintenance plants.  
  8. Spread double-shredded hardwood bark mulch 2” thick. Do not cover trunks or stems of plants with mulch or they may rot.  

Tip: Install a soaker hose directly over the root ball of perennials and loop once around the base of each shrub to conserve water and time.

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