Create a Magical Tiny Garden

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Duration: 2-4 hours


Tiny garden

Create a magical tiny space that will delight those of all ages by designing a miniature garden. Simply designate a special area of your garden for small flowers, plants, dwarf trees and shrubs.

To create a fairy garden, add small-scale, whimsical accessories. Fairy gardens are fun for kids and a way to get them outside. Plus, fairy gardens are especially good for disguising unsightly parts of your yard, such as tree stumps.

Before you plant, test your soil and add any necessary amendments. Choose plants that need the same amounts of water and light. Read their tags to see how big they’ll grow, so you can use plants that will stay in proportion to each other.

What to Plant in a Miniature Outdoor Garden:

1. Moss. Moss works best in shady, moist areas. It creates a soft carpet-like feel. Try bright green Irish moss which blooms tiny, white flowers from late spring to summer.

2. Herbs. Plant aromatic, culinary herbs such as thyme and oregano in a sunny spot. Keep them pinched back so they’ll stay small, but bushy.

3. Dwarf grasses. Edge your mini-garden with dwarf Mondo grass, or plant it in clumps for a groundcover. It takes full sun to part shade and grows slowly. Grow ornamental dwarf fountain grass behind shorter plants for textural interest. It reaches 18 to 24 inches high and bears fluffy plumes from late summer to fall.

4. Small flowers. Cranesbill geraniums thrive in sunny, well-drained spots. Other sun-loving flowers include blue and white bellflowers, orange-red cupheas and bright calibrachoa.

5. Dwarf trees and shrubs. Look for dwarf varieties of cypress, arborvitae and other trees and shrubs. Use them as anchor plants in your garden and fill in around them as desired.

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