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Create Lush Lawns Like a Pro

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 1-2 days


Create Lush Lawns - ST - 580x330

Mild, shorter days are ideal to create lush lawns. Plant sod for instant gratification. For those with time or patience, a better deal is grass seed.

Pros know that grass seeds sprout faster, retain moisture and grow deeper roots for a healthier lawn when planted in the fall. Sod establishes better in warm soil and cooler temperatures, allowing your lawn to get a jump on the season — and your neighbors.

Install sod or plant a layer of seed before your rainy season so nature can help keep grass watered while rooting.

How to Install Sod or Lay Grass Seed:

  1. Eliminate weeds or previous turf with a broad-spectrum herbicide at least a week prior to reseeding. 
  2. Perform a soil test and add any necessary amendments and fertilizer. 
  3. Turn the soil with a roto-tiller in horizontal rows and again in vertical rows. 
  4. Rake soil level, removing roots and rocks. 
  5. Sow seed with a broadcast spreader at the rate recommended on the bag. Sow half the seed in horizontal rows and the other half in vertical rows. Spread a thin layer of straw — not hay, which may contain weed seeds — over seeds to hold moisture. One bale of straw covers approximately 1,000 sq. ft. 
  6. Or lay sod tightly together. Press roots into soil with a water-filled lawn roller to help absorb water from soil. 
  7. Water seed and sod daily for 15 minutes for the first two weeks. After two weeks or when seeds sprout, water for 30 minutes twice a week to promote deeper root growth. 

Do not use old grass seed as many seeds won’t sprout. Use sod within 48 hours or the grass will die.

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