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Craft a Holiday Welcome Sign

Suzanne Oliver
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Holiday Sign

Welcome holiday guests with a whimsical yard sign.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

TIME:  8 to 10 hours, including dry time

COST:  $45, with enough paint for multiple signs




1. Cut 1 piece 1” x 12” x 21”. With the remaining piece, rip 2 pieces down to 3 ½” wide and cut to 19” long. Now cut the 2 – 3 ½” pieces to a point on one end. Sand all pieces smooth.

2. Paint the large piece white and 1 of the smaller pieces red and the other green. Paint the stake silver. Let all of them dry completely.

3. Draw out the lettering if you need a pattern or just start painting the message onto all 3 signs. Let them dry completely again.

4. Measure down from the top and make a mark at 14 ½”, 19 ¼”, and 24” on the backside of the stake. This is where the bottom of each sign will be. Fasten them together with screws from the back side of the stake.

5. Make a large bow and fasten it to the top of the stake.

6. Drive the stake into the ground until the sign is stable and enjoy.

Helpful Hints

  • Use a Sharpie to make the thin outlines for the lettering.
  • Cut a template out of shelf liner if you don’t have a steady hand for painting.
  • Save money and buy paint in smaller sample sizes.

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