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Container Planting

Martha Stewart
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Like a lot of gardeners, I can rarely say no to a plant. As a result, there is a lot of diversity of plant types in my garden. It doesn’t matter where in the world they are from or which zone they are native to; I can grow my collection in pots and enjoy them outdoors in the summer and in the house or greenhouse after the weather turns cold. Having each plant in its own container allows me to tailor the growing situation to suit the specific needs of each plant type. In summer, topiaries, ferns and begonias that thrive in bright, diffused light fill cool, shaded corners of my porches. Sun-loving palms and cycads thrive in large pots out on the terrace. I like to think of these large plants as living statuaries, thoughtfully placed on pedestals and steps to emphasize their bold, often metallic-looking fronds. And then there are tender fruit trees like fig and citrus, which are both beautiful and productive. My garden wouldn’t be complete without succulents such as agaves, aloes, echeverias and sempervivums. This collection really looks happy even in the dog days of summer. Here are some of the best of my container plantings and how I use them around my Bedford, New York farm.











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