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Cool Combos for Warm Shade Plants

Home Depot
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Duration: 1 hour


Cool combinations for shade plants

As temps heat up, you’ll be spending more time in the shade than any other part of your yard. Make your new sitting spot irresistible by planting containers with summer flowers and foliage plants that love the shade.

The formula is simple: Combine white, gray or chartreuse foliage plants with those that bloom in soft pastels.

To get your creative juices flowing, consider these palettes that always make cool company when grown in warm shade.

Cool Combinations for Warm Shade:

  1. Coleus, the queen of shade, has leaf colors that range from red velvet to chartreuse lace. As you choose plants with appealing leaf textures and colors, keep in mind that light hues show up better in shade when compared to dark.
  2. Caladiums have big, heart-shaped leaves that dance in the breeze, and white-leaved varieties bring an icy-cool feel to any hot scene. Coordinate pink-veined caladiums with pink begonias or impatiens.
  3. The luminous purple and silver leaves of Persian shield make it a great partner for colorful coleus, golden shrimp plant, dusty miller or pink begonias. Grow at least one Persian shield in its own pot, so you can move it where other plants can benefit from its glowing company.
  4. Sturdy wax begonias are great bedding plants for shady spots, and when paired with pastel pink or lavender impatiens, it’s hard to beat the puddles of cooling color.
  5. Succulents need less care compared to flowers and foliage plants, and they do a great job of bringing lively form and color to shady spots. Silvery ghost plants and other succulents are easy to grow in broad bowls. Or, go whimsical and plant in a tea cup or basket.


Cool down your shady sitting spot even more by adding a fountain. The sound of trickling water makes you feel cooler, and masks nearby noise, too.

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