Cockscomb Valentine Wreath

Martha Stewart
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Difficulty: Intermediate


Round off the edges of the wreath form with the utility knife; beveled edges will let flowers flow over the sides. Trim stems off flowers, leaving a 1/4-inch base. Apply glue to bases, and arrange flowers—tops facing up—on form, grouping them by color. Cut a yard of ribbon, fold it in half, and attach it to the back of the wreath with a T-pin to form a loop for hanging. After hanging the wreath from a tack in the wall, tie remaining ribbon into a bow with long tails, and mount the bow on the tack with floral wire.


Heart-shaped 10-inch polystyrene wreath form (available at florists’ shops)

Several bunches of dried cockscomb (each with about eight stems)

3 yards of satin ribbon


Floral wire


Utility knife with a saw blade

Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

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