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Clean and Purify Air with Houseplants

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner


Houseplants | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Shake off winter blues with a breath of fresh air by filling your home with houseplants. Houseplants scrub the air clean, add moisture to dry air and provide beautiful greenery even on the coldest days of winter.

These hard-working plants absorb up to 87 percent of volatile organic compounds found in ordinary household items such as paint, carpet and ink. Many houseplants, including peace lilies and ferns, are easy to grow and will last for years with a little care.

What Houseplants Need:

  • Check the plant tag to find out how much light your plant needs. Place plants away from heat vents and cold drafts.
  • Water with room temperature water when the top 1″ of soil is dry. Keep soil consistently moist, but not wet or soggy.
  • Don’t overwater or allow plant to sit in standing water; it’s the primary reason houseplants die.
  • Don’t feed immediately. Begin feeding with a diluted fertilizer every two weeks from spring until early fall.

Product Checklist:

  • Green-leaf houseplants: Chinese evergreen, snake plant, peace lily, dracaena, ZZ plant, fern, philodendron, palm
  • Watering can

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