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Choosing Ornamental Plants for Fall Color in the South

Michael Nolan
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Ornamental Kale

In the warmer climates of south, fall colors may appear later than they do in other regions, but when the show starts you can be sure that your landscape is ready.  Muddy Boots reporter Travis had quite a bit to say about ornamental plants and fall color.

“I plant pansies for their color.” says Travis. “I put them in pots and beds. The variety of color as well as the different sizes help to break the monotony of planting the ‘same old plants’. I also plant several varieties of turnip greens when my summer garden gives out in September. Shogoin turnip, Southern Curly Mustard and Seven Top Turnips are some of my favorites.”

Travis also offers some sage advice about planting in general. He doesn’t want you to forget that fall is the best time of the year to plant most foundation plants such as trees and shrubs, as well as spring blooming bulbs like daffodils, tulips, and daylilies. The cooler weather gives those plants and their roots all the time they need to get settled in without the threat of excessive heat that can often stress plants.

Be sure to read up on some of our selections for top ornamental plants for fall color, but remember that your local Home Depot Garden Center may not carry all of these plants. The plants you will find locally are hand-selected for their performance in your area. If you have questions about availability, a Garden Center Associate will be happy to help.

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