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Choosing Ornamental Plants for Fall Color in the North

Michael Nolan
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Consider color!

An excellent way to get great fall color using ornamental plants is to make color a consideration when you’re looking at trees and shrubs to enjoy during other times of year. Will the tree or shrub you want to install lose its leaves quickly or will they change color? What will the color be?

Burning Bush is a stellar example of how a beautiful shrub can go from green to brilliant red that lasts well into the cold season. By choosing foundation plants that play along with the fall color scheme, you will be ahead of the game when it comes time to select annuals to bring everything together.

Muddy Boots reporter Dinah had another useful tip for Garden Club members in the North. Dinah suggests that you use caution when cutting back some of your landscape plants.

“Some of the most beautiful plants to have in the fall are ornamental grasses. Do not cut these down over the winter as they can add beauty and drama to the landscape after a snowfall. Some of these grasses include Japanese silver grass, fountain grass, zebra grass, millet and blue fescue.”  

In addition to grasses, Dinah also loves to point customers to ornamental sedums, stonecrops and cabbages for their cool weather appeal. These plants take on new colors as the temperatures drop, creating a chameleon-like effect in the garden.

Don’t be afraid to change things up when it comes to fall color. Check out Choosing Ornamental Plants for Fall Color for a list of some of our favorite ornamentals sorted by color.

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