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Chimney Flue Liner Planters

Martha Stewart
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Sold in a variety of shapes and sizes at masonry yards, clay chimney flue liners cost less than terra-cotta pots. Use them to display a bevy of brightly colored plants. If desired, have a mason cut liner to the height you want. To make the flues work like a container, a base will need to be created. By using fast setting concrete mix amended with liquid acrylic fortifier, the base will be durable and moisture resistant. Chicken wire provides a support to the bottom, holding the concrete in place. For the best use of time and materials, have more than one flue ready before starting the project.


  • Selection of chimney flues, varying the diameters and heights
  • 12’ long roll of chicken wire
  • Concrete mix
  • Acrylic fortifier
  • Wheel barrow or tub or mixing concrete
  • Mason trowel for mixing concrete and applying mix
  • Wire snips
  • 1” diameter wooden dowel
  • 3mil plastic sheeting
  • Rubber work gloves
  • Respirator for mixing cement
  • Garden hose with trigger sprayer


  • Start work on a flat, level surface like a driveway.
  • Cut a piece of plastic sheeting to fit 4” beyond the outside diameter of the chimney flue. Place the liner on a sheet of plastic.
  • Using wire snips, cut a piece of chicken wire to fit snugly inside of the flue.
  • To create a drainage hole, snip wire in the center of the base piece to accommodate a 3-by-1-inch dowel.
  • Put on face respirator. In the wheel barrow or tub, combine concrete sand mix with acrylic fortifier and water, following manufacturer’s instructions. (Note: Make small batches of concrete mix as it sets quickly and you’ll want to avoid wasting materials.)
  • Using rubber gloves, take trowel and cover chicken wire with a ¾- to 1-inch layer of the concrete mixture. The mix doesn’t have to be perfectly finished, but work toward a smooth, continuous surface that securely meets the insides of the flue.
  • Follow cement mix label directions for curing. Generally, this can take 3 to 5 days. Once the cement is fully solid, remove dowel and peel plastic off bottom. Add soil and plant up with your favorite plant choices.


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