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Can You Wing It? Try This Week’s Quiz On Backyard Birds!

Lynn Coulter
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Garden Clubbers, thanks for playing our last quiz. We asked, “Who said, ‘Good fences make good neighbors”? A tip of our gardener’s straw hat goes to Daryl Alexander, who was the first person to send in the right answer: poet Robert Frost.

Ready to match wits again? We’ve got a new quiz, and we’ll post the answer next Friday, so send in those guesses. Here goes:

Long before there was Twitter, there were tweets. We’re talking about the kind that came from the trees in our yards. Think you know your feathered friends? Take a look at the birds below and match them up with their names. Then send us your answers like this: 1. Screen owl, 2. Redbird, etc. Be warned: not all of the names we’re giving you to choose from are real birds!

Play fair, and resist that urge to look up the answer on Google! C’mon–show us your stuff!

(And hey–we’ll give a shout-out to anybody who comes up with a creative, made-up bird name of their own. Or tell us about the birds you feed in your yard!)

Bird #1

A. Barn owl

B. Barred owl

C. Screech owl

D. Round-faced owl

E. Short-eared owl

Image by ralph and jenny via Flickr












Bird #2

A. Redpoll

B. Cardinal

C. Redbird

D. Scarlet tanager

E. American redstart

Image by CheepShot via Flickr














Bird #3

A. Flycatcher

B. Flyswatter

C. Flyeater

D. Gnatcatcher

E. Magnificient slaty-backed bug eater

Image by goingslo Linda Tanner via Flickr










Bird  #4

A. Arizona woodpecker

B. Three-toed woodpecker

C. Downy woodpecker

D. Woody woodpecker

E. Ladder-backed woodpecker

Image by gmnonic via Flickr

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