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Can You Dig It? Try Our Garden Club Quiz!

Lynn Coulter
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How did  you do on last week’s quiz? The answers were: 1.Crocus; 2. Snowdrops; 3. Allium; 4. Daffodil; 5. Crown Imperial Fritillary; 6. Snake’s Head Fritillary. Congrats to Rho for being the first person to guess correctly!

Ready to match wits again? It’s almost time to store away your shovel and garden tools. How much do you know about them? Send us your answers, and resist that urge to look these up!

1. One of the first paintings of a garden tool, found in a cave in France, dates back to 40000 B.C. What was the tool? Hint: it’s believed that it was made from the rib of a mammoth.


Image by Kelley Minars via Flickr

Early gardeners used sticks, stones, and bones. A cave painting in France shows a gardening tool made from the rib of a mammoth. Perhaps it resembled this Columbian mammoth, on display at the Florida Museum of Natural History.


2. Early gardeners didn’t have reliable measuring tools. They might have paced their land (that is, walked it), or used knotted cords or lengths of wire to estimate distances. In 1554, France’s King Henry II officially recognized land surveying as a profession. Which of the following was NOT a unit of measurement?

a.  thumb

b.  foot

c.  fathom

d.  pike

e.  perch


3. What is this garden tool/machine?

Image by the U.S. Department of Agriculture via Flickr

Can you guess what this farmer is doing?


4. This boy is using a multi-__________.  Hint: Backyard gardeners usually use just one. Extra hint: the answer is same for another question on this quiz!

Image via Photofarmer/Dwight Sipler via Flicker

This is probably a homemade tool for making multiple planting holes. Can you name the tool used for making holes for seeds, bulbs, or small plants?


5. Four of the tools listed below are real. Which one did we make up?

a. asparagus knife

b. parrot-beaked pea picker

c. blueberry comb

d. billhook

e. daisy grubber

Extra credit: Make up the name of a gardening tool you’d like to have—bonus points for creativity!

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