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Can You Answer Our Fence ‘Post’? We’ve Got A Quiz For You!

Lynn Coulter
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Privacy fences make attractive backdrops for shrubs, small trees, and flower beds.


There are lots of ways to add shade and privacy to your yard. Vigorous cypress and jasmine vines are easy to train into living screens. Fast-growing forsythia, Japanese barberry and other shrubs form hedges that block the view and help reduce noise. Tall plants like hollyhocks and sunflowers are the ticket for filtering heat and light as the sun moves across the sky. Fences are great to use, too, and they’re attractive as well as practical additions to the landscape.

Think you know all about them?

The Garden Club has a challenge for you. Can you answer our fence “post,” below?  Resist that urge to look up the answer on Google. We bet you can figure it out. Send us a comment and show us your smarts!

Who said, “Good fences make good neighbors”?

A. Author Mark Twain, who liked fences, as long as he could get somebody else to do the painting.
B. Poet Robert Frost, who’d rather put up a fence than haul rocks for that stone wall his wife wanted.
C.  New Jersey “businessman” Tony Soprano, who liked living next door to the guy who laundered his money.
D. New England philosopher Henry David Thoreau, who moved away to live alone for a year, working in his bean field until that little matter of unpaid taxes caught up with him.


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