Wrap Your Plants in Burlap for an Easy Harvest Look

Lucy Mercer
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Difficulty: Beginner


An inspired idea for wrapping up pretty flowers — for gift-giving or your front porch — this rustic burlap sack can be pulled together in about half an hour using materials from the Garden Center and tied with craft store ribbon. 


Photos by Laura Mercer

Step 1

Start with a round coco fiber liner, the kind used for hanging baskets. You will also need a roll of burlap, a spool of jute twine, a pair of scissors, potting mix, a trowel and a large chrysanthemum or your favorite fall blooms. Pick up a roll of wired burlap ribbon from a craft or discount store.

Step 2

Begin by rolling out the burlap and cutting a piece about 3 feet square. You will tuck in the excess around the liner, so it’s OK to have extra. Place the round liner on the burlap, then shovel in the potting mix. Leave just enough room for the plant.

Step 3

Place the mum in the liner. If using several plants, especially those with floppy stems, use the twine to hold everything in place. Take a piece of twine about 18 inches long and gently tie it around the stems to hold the flowers in place while wrapping the burlap. Pack in more potting soil around the plants. Gather up the edges of the burlap. You’ll probably want a helper for this part.

Step 4

Tie the twine around the burlap at the narrow part where the top of the liner meets the plants.

Step 5

Tuck the excess fabric back into the liner. Take a length of the wired ribbon and cinch it over the twine. Tie in a bow. Fold ends of ribbon in half lengthwise and snip at an angle to create a neat V.

Step 6

Be sure to reach inside and snip off the piece of twine that temporarily held the flowers together. Enjoy your bundle of blooms! (All photos by Laura Mercer.)



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