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Build Your Own Backyard Ring Toss

Suzanne Oliver
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Ring TossLawn games not only provide hours of backyard entertainment, they can be simple to make as well. This DIY ring toss is an oldie, but a goodie. Have your kids join in by painting on the numbers or filling the rings with sand. In no time, you’ll be scoring ringers.

Skill Level: Beginner






1. Drill holes 1-inch deep into bottom of posts, just wide enough to accommodate the metal rebar. Drizzle epoxy glue into hole, then slide in rebar. Leave to dry as per manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Using number stencils, spray paint point values onto display side of each post as follows: 10 points for 1-foot posts, 20 points for 1 1/2-foot posts, 30 points for 2-foot posts. Let dry as per instructions.

3. Push posts into lawn, leaving approximately 12 inches between each post. Repeat about 20 feet away in opposite direction if central tossing area is desired; repeat about 5 feet away beside first court if side-by-side playing action is preferred.

4. Form rings by filling tubes with sand, then join ends with electrical tape. Make four rings per tape color.

For a more polished look, use a square shovel to clear a 3-square-foot area of lawn and about 2 inches of soil. Tamp down and level the earth, then screw in the posts. (Or dig holes for fence posts, pour concrete into holes and set posts permanently.) Pour in a layer of pea gravel to just below grass line.


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