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Build a Better Landscape this Year with These Projects

Lucy Mercer
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A stone garden path in a spring garden.

Give your garden the best start when you install hardscape elements like pathways and retaining walls early in the season. These manmade elements form the infrastructure to your garden, directing foot traffic and water flow, while providing focal points in the overall design. 

Look to The Home Depot for inspirational guides that break down simple projects and will make your garden come alive this year. They run the gamut from done-in-a-day projects to let’s-call-in-a-professional. Look through the list and know that we back up inspiration with knowledge: project calculators for bulk products like mulch and delivery that works around your schedule.

Improve Your Hardscape This Year:


Stone retaining wall with gardens.

1. Retaining walls

Retaining walls function to keep landscape soil from eroding and washing away. They are also increasingly popular for their aesthetic value and because they create more usable space in your yard. They can even make attractive ornamental raised garden beds.

Walls can be made of interlocking stone or concrete blocks. Look to this guide for the step-by-step instructions for building a retaining wall


A paver patio in a backyard with a firepit and patio furniture.

2. Patio pavers

A paver patio can withstand heavy traffic and requires little maintenance. It’s an easy addition to any yard, and laying patio pavers takes about a weekend to complete. From preparing the site to the finishing touches, this guide will teach you how to build a paver patio. 


Walkways | The Home Depot's Garden Club

3. Walkway

A well-designed walkway upgrades and helps prevent erosion in the most popular areas of your yard. You’ll want to take time to plan and think about how you will use the walkway, and consider factors like distance, elevation and the overall design of your landscape.

Tip: Building your walkway in sections makes it easy to handle changes in elevation.

Learn more about building a walkway in your landscape.


Learn how to make a paver and pebble pathway

4. Paver and pebble pathway

You may already have a patio that you want to upgrade. Consider adding a decorative paver. This small enhancement will make a lasting impact. River rocks or pond pebbles offer a finishing touch that will complement any outdoor layout. Discover how to make a paver and pebble pathway in this step-by-step guide.


A white screen hiding an air conditioning unit outside of a house.

5. Screen

If you’ve been looking for a way to hide an air conditioning unit or electric meters, this is a great opportunity to use a screen. A screen can be a built structure or a series of planted trees or shrubs. A strategically placed trellis screen or a row of evergreen hedges can hide less attractive areas in your landscape. Look for this screen and more backyard landscape ideas in this guide.


Tank cover in yard with plants.

6. Tank cover

This is the time to look at unsightly elements in your yard that you can conceal. For example, if the septic tank lid interrupts the view in your landscape, add this DIY tank cover project to your projects list.

Built short or tall, this raised planter will suit your needs. Customize the plan to conceal a vent pipe, water meter, septic cover and more. The DIY directions are for a 26-inch high by 32-inch wide decorative raised planter designed to hide a septic tank cover. It can do double duty if you remove the flowers and add a tarp and some ice for a backyard drink station.

Got questions about this article or any other garden topic? Go here now to post your gardening ideas, questions, kudos or complaints. We have gardening experts standing by to help you!