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Build a Koi Pond

Michael Nolan
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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: Weekend


Instead of just adding any old water feature to your landscape, why not raise the bar by building a koi pond?

Time and again, studies have proved that watching fish in aquariums is helpful for reducing stress and anxiety, so it goes without saying that having your own koi pond right outside your door would be more than just a beautiful addition.

Koi Pond1. Select the area where you want to place your new koi pond. If you are using a pre-formed pond, it is best to have the pond base on hand when you are choosing the area so that you can be sure it will fit where you want it. Before you start to dig, outline the perimeter of the pond with marking spray paint.

2. Dig the area out, removing as much soil as needed for the proper depth, length and width of your pond insert. Add 2-3” to your depth measurements to allow for proper leveling.

3. After testing the hole depth by temporarily placing the pre-formed pond inside, add a 2” layer of damp construction sand to the base of the hole and insert your liner, checking it with a level and adjusting it as needed.

4. When the pond is level, add sand to the sides to fill the gap between the liner and the surrounding ground.

5. Install pond filter and accessories per manufacturer’s instructions and fill the pond with water.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Chlorine can kill koi, so it is important to allow the water to stand for at least 24 hours with your filter running before adding fish to your new koi pond.

Adding water plants to your new pond is a great way to increase the oxygen and give the koi a more realistic and comfortable habitat in which to live.

Koi image credit: luckypic/Shutterstock

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