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Build a Kids’ Activity Table

Suzanne Oliver
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THD-kids-children-activity-table-chalk-300x300Let the kids go crazy with chalk on this adorable craft table, which doubles as a spot for al fresco dining.


•    Two 4-foot-long baseboards (ends mitered on 45-degree angle)
•    Two 3-foot-long matching baseboards (ends mitered on 45-degree angle)
•    Two 3-feet-101/2 -inch lengths of 1×2 wood (ends mitered on 45-degree angle)
•    Two 2-feet-101/2-inch lengths of 1×2 wood (ends mitered on 45-degree angle)
•    Finishing nails
•    Four exterior banister posts (not pressure-treated) cut down to 23 inches
•    Four small plastic flowerpots
•    Screws
•    Chalkboard paint
•    Paint: Behr® Premium Ultra Pure White™
•    Masonite board


•    Jigsaw
•    Power drill
•    Power sander and sandpaper
•    Carpenter’s square
•    Clamps
•    Paintbrush




1. Table frame: Construct frame from four pieces of baseboard (mitered using carpenter’s square to ensure accuracy of 45-degree angle). With frame laid on ground, use finishing nails to secure 1x2s onto frame, flush with bottom edge, creating lip to support tabletop.

2. Place banisters on inside corner of frame flush to 1×2 inches, not higher than the lip. Use power drill to screw banisters securely into edge of baseboard, careful not to go all the way through. Paint table frame desired color.

3. Tabletop: Cut Masonite board to 3 feet 101/2 inches by 2 feet 10 /2 inches. Use circle template to draw desired number of circles along short edge of table, just slightly smaller than rim of plastic plant pots. Use jigsaw to cut circles from board. Paint tabletop with chalkboard paint, following manufacturer’s instructions; let dry.

4. Position tabletop onto table base, resting on inner lip. Place pots into holes and add chalk and other crafting supplies as desired.


Cut a waterproof vinyl tablecloth to protect the chalkboard surface from oily spills. Be sure to cut out the pot openings and use the pots to hold cutlery, straws or a small bud vase of flowers.

May we suggest… Turn any tabletop or even a playroom wall into a convenient and kid-pleasing writing surface. Best part? Installation is a snap: just paint on a couple layers of Rust-Oleum® Chalkboard Paint. Formulated with extremely hard pigments, it won’t leave scratch marks where chalk is used.

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