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Boost Fall Blooms

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: Varies


Boost Fall Blooms | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Keep fall blooms looking their best by feeding and deadheading flowers like mums and asters. Deadhead by pinching off faded flowers; this encourages the plant to create more flowers.

Without deadheading, plants go to seed instead of flowering. Plus, plants look more attractive when dead flowers are removed.

Whether in containers or in the ground, feeding and deadheading fall annuals keeps the show going.

Feed and Deadhead:

  1. Pinch off dead or fading flowers with your fingers or use floral scissors or pruners. Remove the entire flower, not just the petals. Pinch or snip back to a set of leaves. For the most flowers, get in the habit of deadheading at least once a week.
  2. Feed annuals every three weeks with a 5-10-5 water-soluble fertilizer.


If a plant is described as “self-cleaning,” that means it does not need to be deadheaded.

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