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Bird’s Nest Planter

Martha Stewart
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This two-part project begins with fashioning a bird’s nest out of pinecones and twigs glued to a glass cylinder. Then plant paperwhites inside for a wonderful hostess gift.

Bird’s Nest

Tools and Materials

  • Glass cylinder, 6 inches in diameter and 2 inches high, or something similar, such as a glass cereal bowl
  • Cooling rack and newspaper
  • Gloves
  • 10-inch circle of corrugated cardboard
  • 1 quart of 1- to 2-inch-long twigs*
  • 1 quart small white-spruce pinecones*
  • 1 pint white glue
  • Crystal coarse glitter
  • Note: You can substitute any type of clippings or bits of nature for these items, depending on what’s available in your location.

1. Glue the base of the glass cylinder to the center of the cardboard circle with hot glue. Place on a cooling rack with a piece of paper underneath.
2. Combine twigs and pinecones in a large bowl. Add white glue to the mixture, and stir until thoroughly coated.
3. Wearing gloves, grab a handful of the mixture and shape along sides of the cylinder.
4. Sprinkle crystal coarse glitter onto wet, molded mixture, and allow to dry overnight.

Planting and Embellishing Bulbs

Tools and Materials

  • Floral gravel
  • Paperwhite bulbs
  • Water
  • Moss

1. Pour a layer of gravel into the glass cylinder. Nestle six paperwhite bulbs into the surface of the gravel, clustered together so they are close to one another, with the pointed ends up. Add water.
2. Tuck bits of moss around bulbs, allowing moss to lightly cascade over bird’s nest area.
3. Leave planted bulbs in a well-lit, cool spot until the shoots are 4 inches high, then move to a warm, sunny place. You should have blooms in 4 to 6 weeks, which will last for several days.


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