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Best Mulch Hack for Spring

Home Depot
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There’s nothing quite like rich, vibrantly colored mulch – especially as the finishing touch to the planted and pruned landscape beds you’re hoping to show off this summer. As days warm up and hammocks beckon, even the most avid landscape lover appreciates a shortcut.

Here’s a hack for when you have lots of “life-left-in-it” mulch, but not a lot of color or time to spare: Instead of replacing the mulch, renew it with Earthgro® by Scotts® Mulch Color Renewal.

Spray the product on faded mulch and you’ll get a fresh-out-of-the-bag look—minus the heavy work involved with spreading new mulch. It’s especially good for touching up high-visibility areas or weathered spots that get a lot of sun or rain.

A 1-gallon bottle of Mulch Color Renewal covers up to 200 square feet for less than it would cost to apply new mulch to your landscape. When used as directed, Mulch Color Renewal is safe for use around people, pets and plants. 

3 Tips for Using Mulch Color Renewal:


Mulch Colorant | The Home Depot's Garden Club

1. Pick a sunny, dry day. The color needs to dry for at least two hours and is rainfast in six hours, so give the product time to work before your next barbecue, backyard get-together or open house. Also, pick a day when there’s not a lot of wind, so the color doesn’t drift when you apply it.

2. Prep. Hose down any hard surfaces near your mulch, but not the mulch. This makes cleaning up any accidental overspray easier. Practice your spray pattern by starting in an area far from plants and hard surfaces. 

3. Spray smartly. Mulch Color Renewal is made with the same color ingredients as Scotts® bagged mulch which makes this a long-lasting stain that will stay wherever you apply it.

The ready-to-spray formula, extendable wand and choice of spray patterns make it easy to apply the color exactly where you want it. Avoid spraying plants, patios, pavers, sidewalks, driveways and other areas where you don’t want color. If you do accidentally get some spray on those areas, rinse them immediately. 

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