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Autumn Harvest Decor

Lynn Coulter
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autumn harvest decor

Autumn brings a bountiful harvest: pumpkins, potatoes, squash, corn, melons, and more. This year, celebrate the abundance with a beautiful tabletop display. We accented ours with gold-rimmed pots, brick-red ceramic saucers, and and seasonal mums for pops of color. Make your own display for a dining room or a buffet table. It’s easy to adjust the number of flowers and other items to fit the space you want to decorate.


  • Four 6″ mums (2 white and 2 red)
  • Two 4″ white mums
  •  Small pumpkins and gourds
  • Five 6″ terracotta pots
  • Two 4″ terracotta pots
  • One 6″ purple fountain grass
  • Four 6″ and two 4″ saucers (Ours match the red mums. We used 2 additional terracotta-colored saucers under the LED candles.)


Wrap the Duck Tape brand duct tape around the rims of the 6″ pots. Fold any excess over the rim to the inside of the pot.

Duckwrap on pots


Repot the 4″ mums into the 4″ terracotta pots, and the 6″ mums into the 6″ ones, adding fresh potting mix as needed. Repot the fountain grass into a 6″ pot. Gently  water the plants to settle the soil and eliminate air pockets.

Tuck a little Spanish moss into each pot to give it a finished look.


Spanish moss


Cut the burlap to the size you need for a table runner. Put the fountain grass on a saucer and place it in the middle of the runner.

Put the rest of the plants on the saucers and arrange as desired. We used one small yellow mum and one large red mum on either side of the fountain grass, and put the white mums in front of and behind the fountain grass. 

Arrange the mini pumpkins and gourds around the plants. Battery operated LED candles make an nice finishing touch.


autumn mums and candles


You can transplant your mums into the garden after you’re finished with your display, or treat them as annuals and compost them. Purple fountain grass is a tender perennial that can survive outdoors in USDA hardiness zone 9 or warmer. Learn more about caring for your plants at our Garden Club Plant Search.

Thanks to Home Depot Associate Maureen Follen in our How-To Community for creating this project.

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