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Attract Pollinators: How to Build a Native Bee House

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 2-4 hours


DIY bee house

Give native bees a place to call home by building a native bee house. It will help your garden flourish, keep the bee population growing, and help Mother Nature.

Plus, you will produce an abundance of food and yield the most eye-catching flowers ever. Thousands of species of native bees are estimated to pollinate 80 percent of flowering plants.

And don’t worry, native bees don’t usually sting.

how to Build a native bee house

Cut the redwood for a native bee house.

1. Cut the fence picket. Use a chop saw to cut two 1-foot pieces of untreated redwood picket fence for the sides of your bee house. Cut two additional pieces the same width as the fence picket for the top and bottom of the house. Cut a 10 1/2 inch piece of fence picket for the back.

Glue the native bee house.

2. Glue fence picket. Apply an ample amount of outdoor wood glue to opposite edges of the top piece. Place it between the two side pieces level with the top. Clamp. Position the unglued bottom piece between the two side pieces as a spacer. Once dry, carefully remove the bottom piece.

Apply wood glue to the edges of the back piece and place between the three glued pieces, even with the back edges. Add glue to opposite edges of bottom piece. Fit between the two side pieces level with the bottom and against the bottom of the back piece. Make sure the pieces are level. Clamp the sides at the bottom. Allow to dry and unclamp.

Cut the bamboo for the native bee house.

3. Cut bamboo and drill wood. Cut bamboo shoots into 20 4-inch long pieces. Cut tree branches greater than 2 inches in diameter into four to six 4-inch long pieces. You can also use pieces of untreated 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 wood. Drill 1/4-inch holes through the pieces.

Hang the native bee house.

4. Hang bee house. Create a small pilot hole, not quite center and closer to the front, on the top of each side wall, and insert screw eyes. The bee house should lean slightly back when hung. Arrange both cut bamboo and tree branches inside the house. Attach steel wire to screw eyes and hang in a sunny location. Have fun with placement and design.

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