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Arrange A Christmas Wreath

Martha Stewart
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Martha Xmas Wreath

Follow these simple tips to make a beautiful and festive holiday wreath.

1. Use appropriately sized branches, and be consistent throughout the wreath.
2. Be careful when placing bunches so the shape remains circular; otherwise you may end up with a football shape.
3. Use a soft-touch ring. That way, if you don’t like the way your wreath is looking you can always open up the pins and make adjustments. When making the wreath, layer greens in the arrangement of your choice. Lay them along the soft-touch ring, pinching the pins along the side to secure the greens. It is critical that the malleable pins be wrapped tightly around the greens so they do not fall out. Also, each successive bunch added to your wreath should cover the cut ends of the previous bunch.
4. And, of course, be creative! Do what you want and like for a wreath that is uniquely suited to you.

Caring for Your Wreath
To keep your wreath beautiful longer, don’t place it between a storm door and your regular door. Don’t leave the wreath inside for more than a few days, and keep it away from fireplaces and heating vents. If possible, keep the wreath out of direct sunlight, and do not hang it on a south-facing wall. Occasionally mist the wreath with water.

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