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April Lawncare in the Southwest

R. L. Rhodes
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Edging with a weed eater.

There‚Äôs no point in kidding ourselves about it: maintaining a healthy turfgrass lawn takes work. The climate of the Southwest makes that work even trickier by extending the growing season. The growing season is in full swing now, so be sure you’re keeping up by giving your lawn the care it needs.


Temperatures are beginning to climb, and precipitation levels are expected to be low this year. Your natural instinct might be to water more, but start out by trying to water smarter. Make sure that your sprinkler heads are strategically placed so as to cover your entire lawn, without wasting water by redundantly watering the same area multiple times. Shoot for giving your grass an even inch of water each week, and watch it carefully the first time or two to ensure that you’re not losing valuable water to runoff.

Weed control

By now, the war against weeds is ramping up. Keep a careful eye out for new growth, and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty pulling out the worst offenders. Applying a weed control solution, like Ortho Weed-B-Gon, can help ensure that they don’t spring back the moment your have your back turned.

Pest control

By now you’re likely starting to see common lawn pests come out in force. Take special care to check their growth now so you have fewer invaders to worry about this summer. Many in the Southwest prefer to treat lawn pests with an organic pest control solution, like EcoSmart Insect Killer.

(Not sure if the Southwest is the right zone for you? See our zone map for more.)

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