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April Lawncare in the North

R. L. Rhodes
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Using a lawn spreader.

Now that the cold weather has begun to abate, it’s time to get down to the business of growing grass. Spring is primetime for the cool-season grasses that grow best in northern states, so judicious care now could return dividends in the near future.


Assuming the ground is adequately thawed, you might use a core aerator to open it up a bit for spring. In heavily trafficked lawns, the soil gets packed down and compacted, restricting the flow of water and nutrients. By removing small “cores” from the soil, aeration allow air and moisture to penetrate the soil. This can be done with a simple attachment for your riding mower, or you can rent a power aerator from the Home Depot.

Weed control

With spring weather beginning to warm, you’ll want to get a jump on weed control. Fertilizing with a combination Weed and Feed can help nourish your grass while curbing weed growth. For more advanced weeds, try Ortho Weed-B-Gon. Mowing cool-season grasses like those most commonly grown in the Midwest a little taller in the spring can also help your grass compete more effectively against emerging weeds.

(Not sure if the North is the right zone for you? See our zone map for more.)

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