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Anchor Entryways with Evergreen Shrubs

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour


Anchor Entryways with Shrubs | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Naturally neat and trouble-free, dwarf evergreen shrubs are the perfect plants for adding interest to entryways during the cold winter months. The right shrubs in compatible planters will anchor your entryway with welcoming greenery all winter, and you can use them in your holiday decorating plans, too.

Rounded shapes like those of dwarf boxwoods will offset your front door’s straight lines, or you can use upright evergreens to frame a tall entryway.

In spring, move your potted shrubs to a sunny spot for the season, or transplant them to places where they can work as eye-catching specimen plants.

Add Evergreen Shrubs to Entryways:

  1. Measure the space you have for entryway accent shrubs, and consider using square planters, which seldom topple over. If your future plans call for transplanting your evergreens to a permanent spot outdoors, keep them in their black nursery pots and simply set them in your selected planters for the winter. Avoid ceramic pots for this project, which often crack when wet soil inside them freezes during cold snaps.
  2. Study plant tags when choosing shrubs, paying close attention to the plant’s shape and mature size. Special dwarf cultivars such as soldier-straight ‘Sky Pencil’ holly or pyramidal ‘Green Mountain’ boxwood can be counted upon to stay small, making them easy to manage in containers or small landscapes. To light up a dim entryway, consider using dwarf arborvitae with gold-tipped foliage, or perhaps a dramatic dwarf Hinoki cypress.
  3. Water dwarf evergreens weekly with cold tap water to keep the roots from drying out.
  4. Move evergreens to a sunny spot on your deck or patio, or transplant them in your landscape in spring. Dwarf evergreens make excellent accent shrubs when planted near walkways or outdoor living areas.

Tip: During unusual winter warm spells, ice cubes placed on the soil’s surface are an easy way to keep the soil cool and moist for dwarf evergreen shrubs.

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