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An Outdoor Area For All Ages

Suzanne Oliver
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Want an outdoor space that everyone in the family can enjoy? Creating one is practically child’s play. With a bit of planning, compromise and inspiration, you can transform your backyard into a dream outdoor space for kids and grown-ups alike without breaking the bank. Here are some ways you can make sure everyone gets what they want.


Prioritize activities
Consider what outdoor activity each family member enjoys. For example, Mom may want a quiet conversation area or a spa retreat. Dad may want a deluxe outdoor kitchen as well as a large expanse of lawn. The kids may want a playground plus a place to plant a vegetable garden. Make decisions based on your current lifestyle and remember, you can always adjust the space as your needs change.

Think about what amenities your family will use most. If they love dining outdoors, then an outdoor kitchen is a good idea. Compromises may also have to be made. Dad may have to sacrifice his gigantic lawn for a smaller patch, so there’s enough room for mom’s conversation area and a child’s play space.

Designate activity areas
Once you have decided on designated spaces, map them out within your yard. For example, a vegetable garden may need to be close to the kitchen door for easy access.

Keep the play area within sight of whichever room faces the backyard so you can keep an eye on young ones at play. However, it doesn’t need to be right beside the house. If placed farther away, the noise is buffered (especially if you landscape with trees, shrubs and lawn), and kids have more room to run around. By planning your outdoor area carefully, you can all enjoy the space and have a more peaceful time together.

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