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Add S’more Fun to July 4

Lucy Mercer
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Duration: 2 hours



It’s easy to add patriotic style to your patio this July 4 with terra cotta pots and chalky finish paint. These starred-and-striped pots can hold bright summer geraniums, flickering votives, bundles of silverware, or showcase a s’mores bar.

The colors here are Americana Décor Chalky Finish paints in Rouge, Eternal and Legacy. Painter’s tape is handy to create the stripes. With very small pots, such as the votives, you may find that it’s easier to freehand the stripes. To begin, set up a work area with your supplies.












  1. Cover the pot with white paint, using the foam brush. Let dry, about an hour, or longer.
  2. Tape off the stripes using the painter’s tape. It’s easiest to start just under the rim for the first stripe.
  3. Using the width of the painter’s tape as a guide (.94-inch works well), tape off the next stripe, being sure to press the tape against the pot.
  4. Paint the red stripes, let dry. Peel off tape.
  5. Paint the blue stripe on the rim, let dry. Sanding the edges of the pot with a sanding sponge adds a rustic look.
  6. Use the white paint marker to draw stars on the rim, and also to clean up any splotches on the stripes.
  7. Optional, but nice: spray the completed terra cotta pot with acrylic spray to seal.

When your patriotic pots are completed, they can be used to display flowers. Geraniums and petunias are pretty and perfect for July 4 parties.



Paint a pair of pots and use them for a summertime s’mores party on the porch. Just scoop up some small pebbles and drop in a Sterno can.


For the s’mores set:

  • Fill two pots with pearl stone gravel. Place the Sterno can in one. Slide marshmallows onto metal skewers and settle the rounded ends into the gravel in the second pot. 
  • Fill a plate with chocolate bars and graham crackers. Light the Sterno can, give the marshmallows a toasting over the flame, and then sandwich chocolate between crackers.

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