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Add a Pop of Color to the Desert Landscape

Home Depot
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Gardeners in the Southwest often use structural plants like agaves and cacti and textural plants with drought-tolerant foliage in their gardens. The plants reflect the calming landscape in various soft, earth-tone shades of gray, brown and green. Add a pop of color with a bold container, bright pillows or dramatic fencing to transform any desert landscape when nothing is in bloom.

Incorporate Color into the Landscape:

  • Start with colored foliage. Many plant varieties have dark purple, blue or red leaves. Use these plants near more silvery ones to give your garden instant color, depth and texture.
  • Paint your garden furniture, fence or walls bright colors. A pop of color can heat up, or cool down the rest of the landscape depending upon which color you choose.
  • Grow bright blooming plants, either from seeds or seedlings. Many plants bloom in shades of pink, yellow, orange or red and encourage visiting pollinators. Less seen are shades of blue, but some flowers, like tropical blue plumbago, look great in containers.
  • Use a large, bright container as a focal point in the garden. Fill it with flowers, or turn it into a bubbling fountain.
  • Mulch with bright-colored natural stones or tumbled glass to create a special spot in the garden. These stones can either mimic elements in the garden or just be a bright spot around a statue or other prominent feature.

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