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A Snowy Day At The Farm

Martha Stewart
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I really do enjoy my garden year-round, even when it’s covered in a thick blanket of snow. In winter, the farm takes on a very quiet and serene feeling. It looks quite beautiful coated with white crystals, and I especially like the way the winter sun casts interesting shadows. I never tire of capturing images of it with my camera.

It’s interesting to look around the farm and see what wildlife can be spotted, and my animals always like to join me for a frolic in the snow. The several birdhouses I have around the farm all seem to be occupied with visiting owls. So many birds are visiting the feeders, as the snow blankets the land and covers their sources of food. We have spotted crows, juncos, and chicadees today. It’s such a pleasure to feed so many birds. We have quite an array of feeders and seed for winter feeding. Eaves are a great place for the feeders; no squirrels can access them, no matter how hard they try.


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