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9 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gardening Gift Ideas

Lucy Mercer
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garden barrel flowers

It’s tradition to send Mom flowers on Mother’s Day. This year, give her a spring and summer full of blooms with these last-minute gardening gift ideas.

5 gift ideas for the gardening mom:

  1. A good, solid pair of bypass pruners makes easy work of trimming branches and tough plant stems. Prices range from $15 to $30.
  2. Every vegetable gardener needs a pair of garden shears. These durable scissors give clean cuts to plant stems and come apart for easy cleaning.
  3. Gloves get a workout in the garden and gardeners can never have too many. Look for a waterproof pair.
  4. Pick up some seed packets and a terra cotta pot, add garden tools like a hand cultivator and trowel, and top it off with a Home Depot gift card and a pretty bow.
  5. After the traditional breakfast (or brunch) in bed, present Mom with a gift card then head to Home Depot to fill a garden cart with bedding plants and hanging baskets.

As Mother’s Day draws near, remember that with a Home Depot gift card and expert advice from the Garden Club, you will make Mom’s day bloom.

Final Product Birdhouse Planter - THD - 560x400

4 Garden Club Projects for Mother’s Day:

  1. The floral hurricane planter can be made with just $30 worth of materials. This is a great project for kids to create, and depending on how you decide to decorate the terra cotta pot, it can be completed in an afternoon.
  2. This lovely dish garden can be created for as little as $25. Follow the step-by-step instructions for a pretty dish garden filled with anthurium and African violets.
  3. Is Mom a birdwatcher, too? With some DIY know-how, you can create our Garden Club birdhouse planter and fill it with warm-weather blooms like impatiens, begonias, petunias and vinca. Order a birdhouse online and have it shipped for free to your local store. It will be ready for you when you arrive. Build a tray of pressure-treated lumber, add the birdhouse and some seasonal blooms, and wait for the birds to visit their new garden. Total cost for the project is about $60.
  4. Put together a whiskey barrel planter and fill it out with lush flowers. Total cost for the whiskey barrel planter is about $70, depending on the plants used.

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