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8 Ways to Cure Cabin Fever

Home Depot
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When temperatures drop and you’re stuck indoors trying to remember what green grass and pretty flowers look like, you know the winter blues are setting in. Don’t despair! Keep yourself and your family from feeling restless and bored during these long winter days by sprucing up your space.

These eight cures will lift your spirits and get you in the mood for spring.

8 Ways to Cure Cabin Fever


Indoor houseplants.

1. Add greenery. Bring the outdoors in by adding a variety of houseplants. They brighten up your space, cleanse the air you breathe and boost your mood. Try easy-care peace lilies, Boston ferns and red aglaonemas.



2. Start seedlings. Planting seeds indoors can be a fun and educational task for the whole family. All you need to get started are small containers, such as an egg carton or peat pots, potting soil and seeds. Plant, water and watch your seeds grow!


Exploring nature.

3. Explore your surroundings. Bundle up and take a walk for as long as you can handle the cold, preferably on a sunny day so you can get your vitamin D, too. The fresh air will lift your spirits and give your body and mind much-needed exercise. Nature can still be beautiful even after all of the leaves have fallen.


Paint flowerpots.

4. Be creative. Help kids be creative by painting small garden pots. Start with terracotta pots, outdoor craft paint and letter stencils. Kids can plant colorful cacti or use the pots to hold their art supplies.



5. Make a terrarium. These tiny gardens are perfect for little hands to make. Fill a wide-mouth glass container with decorative stones, add a layer of peat moss or cactus and succulent mix and place miniature plants like succulents on top. Add moss as a final touch. Water sparingly.


Orchid in bathroom.

6. Home spa remedy. Winter is the ideal time to create your own spa retreat. Your bathroom will feel luxurious in no time when you add flowering plants such as orchids, some calming music, and a few lit candles. Draw a warm bath and enjoy!


Indoor houseplant

7. Plant an indoor container. Spruce up a dark corner with new life. Fill a large lightweight planter with a variety of textured houseplants. Try low-light and easy-to-grow plants such as sansevierias, ponytail palms and ZZ plants.


Garden design.

8. Prepare for spring. Long winter months are the best time to start planning your spring garden. Create an inspiration board by tearing out photos of plants, flowers and other garden features from your favorite garden magazines. You’ll be ready to go by the time planting season comes around.

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