8 Spring Gardening Trends Spotted on Pinterest

Lucy Mercer
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Pinterest is an idea factory, generating inspiration for 100 million monthly active users, many of them gardeners and wannabe gardeners. The Home Depot’s Pinterest page offers up “pinspiration” to its 343,000 followers every day.

Here are some cool spring trends we’ve spotted on Pinterest:

Edibles as ornamentals. The line between vegetable and flower gardens is blurrier than ever, as gardeners and bloggers embrace all that is visually appealing, whether it be edible or ornamental. Marigolds interplanted with tomatoes is just the beginning. This spring, try tender spring lettuces with violas. Get the look: As you shop the Garden Center, keep an eye out for colors and textures that appeal. Check the plant tags to make sure they have companionable light and moisture conditions.



The power of purple. You can’t escape the purple haze of Pinterest pages. It’s a color that says “pin me.” In vegetables, it also brings good health. Get the look: Plant eggplant and red-purple vegetables like beets in your vegetable garden. Consider adding easy-to-grow blueberry bushes. 



Herbs and kitchen gardens. Fresh herbs add spice to your cooking and a gourmet vibe to your kitchen. Pinterest is chock-full of ideas for kitchen window herb collections. Get the look: Pick up an herb-growing kit, either simple or fancy. Or go the DIY route and pick up herb seedlings, terra cotta pots and a dash of inspiration from The Home Depot’s Garden Club Pinterest board.



Pallet projects are still hot on Pinterest, especially when they tie into another trend, the vertical garden. Get the look: No need to scout loading docks for pallets in decent condition: Crate & Pallet now sells craft pallets, ready to paint and plant.



Stunning containers. Pinterest lifts the curtain, giving followers access to the work of garden designers and landscape professionals. A simple way to get a professional look is to create stunning containers with the thriller-spiller-filler formula. For a trendy move, incorporate ornamental edibles into your floral containers. Get the look: Shop containers, potting mix, annuals and perennials.


THD - 560x400 - Hanging-Planter-Beauty-Shot

Vertical gardens. Adapting to the trend toward smaller spaces, our Hanging Herb Garden Planter project brings the herb garden to a front porch or back deck. Get the look: Download the PDF instructions for the How to Make a Hanging Garden project.



Window boxes. You don’t need to live on a quaint historic avenue to keep up window box gardens. The horse trough style attaches to porch rails as an alternative to sometimes hard-to-reach windows. Get the look: Find window boxes and coco liners, potting mix, flowers and foliage plants.



Terrariums and air plants. Pinterest opened up the world of succulents for gardeners, and now we’re into tillandsia (air plants) and terrariums. Sculptural glass terrariums can be used as decor on a coffee table or hanging near a window. Add succulents or tillandsia for a modern gardening look. Get the look: Terrariums, air plants, succulents. Read more on making your own terrarium here

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