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7 Garden Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Home Depot
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Garden tools are your constant companion in the garden. They’re always there to help you get the job done. And by using the right tool, you can accomplish any garden task.

Invest in the right tool for the right project. Below are seven garden tools every gardener needs.


1. Hand trowel. If you’re going to get one garden tool, the hand trowel is it! Hand trowels help with everything from planting and digging to weeding and mixing. Opt for a stainless steel trowel with a rubber handle for the perfect combination of durability and comfort.


2. Pruning shears. If you grow roses, shrubs or small trees, pruning shears are a necessity. Bypass pruners provide a cleaner cut than anvil pruners while ratchet pruners are the easiest to use. Check with a Garden Center associate to see which type will work best for you.


3. Weeder. Work wonders with a weeder or dandelion digger. This handy tool yanks out weeds by their roots. Choose a handheld or long-handled weeder.


4. Cultivator. Cultivators are the garden’s do-it-all tool. Mainly, this handy tool breaks up compacted soil. Cultivators also can turn soil, remove weeds, sow seeds, dig planting rows and rake soil.


5. Long-handled loppers. Shaping shrubs and trimming trees is a breeze with long-handled loppers. Easily cutting through 2″ thick branches, the long-handled lopper gets in those hard-to-reach areas.


6. Shovel. You won’t get far in the garden without a shovel. From digging holes to spreading mulch, your shovel will be one of your most used garden tools. If you like to edge your garden beds and landscape, choose a square-headed shovel, called a spade.


7. Wheelbarrow. With all that pruning, weeding and mulching, you’ll need somewhere to place your garden materials. A wheelbarrow makes it easy to trim, tidy and transport items to and from your garden. If a wheelbarrow is too big, choose a garden cart instead.

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