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7 Best Herbs for Flower Arrangements

Renee Valdes
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Rosemary and wildflower bouquet

Herbs work well in more than just containers and edible gardens. They’re showing up in wildflower and other bouquets.

Whether for a wedding bouquet, centerpiece or other arrangement, fresh herbs will make it come alive with unexpected whimsy and soothing fragrance. 

Always keep flower arrangements away from bright sunlight and change the water daily if in a vase. After about a week, use your herbs in cooking. 

Let these seven herbs to spice up your next arrangement.


Rosemary bouquet

1. Rosemary. Break out the woodsy pine fragrance with rosemary. Rosemary does well in bouquets, including for weddings. It lasts.


Lavender bouquet

2. Lavender. The calming aroma of lavender and the beauty of its purplish spikes is anything but sleepy in a pretty arrangement or just by itself. 


Mint for herb bouquet

3. Mint. Snip fresh mint in the morning and pair it with cosmos and roses. Keep it away from direct sun to help it last longer in a bouquet, for up to a week.


Bundle of thyme makes a great aromatic arrangement.

4. Thyme. If you’re building a wildflower bouquet, thyme will make it wispy. This savory herb also works well bundled on its own.


Pineapple sage for bouquets

5. Pineapple sage. With its trumpet shape and distinct red flowers, pineapple sage can be a colorful addition to a pretty centerpiece arrangement.


Oregano looks beautiful in a galvanized bucket.

6. Oregano. Oregano looks beautiful in this galvanized bucket. When you let this herb flower, its purple blossoms bring pretty accents of color.


Thai basil springs with color and works well in a bouquets.

7. Thai basil. This licorice-smelling herb is a colorful addition to a beautiful bouquet.


Pineapple sage photo courtesy of Bonnie Plants


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