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6 Tricks for Keeping Orchids Alive

Home Depot
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Pink orchid plant in bright light.

Orchids are easy. No, really! For a flower that blooms for months, these blooming machines actually need little care.

The hardest part is choosing which type of orchid you want to grow since they are available in a wide range of spectacular colors and exotic shapes. Moth or Phalaenopsis orchids are easiest to grow. Keep orchids happy and blooming for months with these simple tips.

6 Ways to Keep an Orchid Thriving



1. Light

Keep orchids in a well-lit area, but not in direct sun or cold, drafty spots. If the plant gets too little light, it won’t bloom.

Remember: The larger the leaf, the less light it needs.



2. Water

Most orchids should only be watered about once a week. Wait until the bark or moss is almost completely dry before watering. Water until it pours out from the drainage holes, then drain excess water completely. Never leave your orchid in standing water.


Orchid growing medium

3. Growing media

Orchids need potting material that drains quickly while still retaining moisture. Choose from an orchid potting soil mix, bark, moss, gravel and more.


Orchid fertilizer

4. Fertilizer

Feed once a month with a good high-nitrogen, liquid orchid fertilizer. Water first and follow label instructions. This will help to bring blooms back year after year.


Orchid in container

5. Container

Most orchids are planted using the double-pot system. The orchid is planted in a plastic pot with drainage holes and nested in a more decorative one. No matter what kind of material you choose, it must have drainage holes.


Repotting an orchid

6. Repotting

Depending on your orchids’ health, consider repotting every one to two years. When repotting, only choose a pot that is one to two inches wider and plant in an appropriate medium. Read more about repotting other houseplants.

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