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6 Top Houseplants for Small Spaces

Lucy Mercer
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Houseplants in a sunny window.

No living space is too small for houseplants. You may not have room for a fiddle leaf fig or split leaf philodendron, but if you have a sunny window and a square foot of clear space in front of it, you have room for one of these small-space houseplants

Plants like aglaonema (Chinese evergreen), sansevieria, rubber plant and aloe are popular small-space plants, but they’re just a few of the tropicals available. Look for new small-space favorites selected for good looks, slow growth and easy care by Justin Hancock, horticulturist for Costa Farms. Many of the plants are in Costa Farms’ Exotic Angels collection, available at select Garden Centers.

Small-Space Houseplants:

Small Space Houseplants | The Home Depot's Garden Club

1. Earth star (Cryptanthus) shows off bright red or pink foliage in a star-shaped pattern. This pineapple relative likes bright light and can dry out a bit between waterings. 


Succulents as Houseplants | The Home Depot's Garden Club

2. Echeveria is one of the trendiest succulents around. Most grow only a few inches tall and wide, and come in soft shades of gray, blue, green and purple. They like bright light and drying out between waterings. Learn more about caring for succulents.


Pilea Houseplant for Small Spaces | The Home Depot's Garden Club

3. Friendship plants (Pilea) are increasingly trendy houseplants that feature fun foliage. Most grow best in medium to bright light and like regular watering. 


Small Space Houseplants | The Home Depot's Garden Club

4. Nerve plants (Fittonia) stay under a foot tall and wide – and boast colorful foliage all year long. They tolerate low light, too, though need regular watering and like average to high humidity.


Small Space Houseplants | The Home Depot's Garden Club

5. Silver lace fern (Pteris) is a small fern with finely textured fronds frosted in silver. Like most ferns, it tolerates low light and thrives when kept in a moist, humid spot – like a terrarium. Learn how to make a DIY terrarium with succulents and ferns.


Small Space Houseplants | The Home Depot's Garden Club

6. Waffle plant (Hemigraphis) earned its common name due to its leaves’ crinkly texture. It’s a tidy, petite plant that stays under 12 inches tall and wide. Grow it in low, medium or bright light and keep it moist. 

There are houseplants for every site and situation. In addition to these small space favorites, you can look for reliable favorites like dracaena, aglaonema (Chinese evergreen), rubber plant, aloe, pothos and sansevieria (snake plant) to add to your collection.

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