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6 Spring Gardening Projects to Tackle Right Now

Renee Valdes
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Plant lettuce

Kickstart your spring gardening by tackling six easy projects that will bring lots of rewards throughout the season. Your garden will thank you with brighter blooms, fuller plants, greener vegetables and fewer weeds. You’ll also reduce the need to water.


Mulching garden bed

1. Top dress your garden beds. Add compost and other amendments to your soil, then top off with a layer of mulch. This will help your plants retain moisture, helping to save water.


Organic fertilizer, plant fertilizer

2. Provide perennials with long-lasting nutrients. Apply fertilizer now so they bring lush blooms and foliage for months to come.


Edyn garden sensor

3. Test your soil. The Edyn Garden Sensor makes testing your garden soil easy. The solar-powered sensor connects to an app on your smartphone and monitors light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and water in your garden.


Plant lettuce

4. Plant early spring veggies. Look for those that can take cold spells, such as lettuce, kale, spinach and Swiss chard.



5. Protect vulnerable seedlings. If you’ve already planted seedlings in the ground, protect them from late frost or cold spells by investing in plant covers.


Dividing hosta

6. Divide hosta and other perennials. If you didn’t tackle dividing your plants during fall, look for hosta popping out of the ground. Divide them and give yourself some free plants. While you’re at it, thin foliage on ornamental grasses and pull up veggie and other plant skeletons. 


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