6 Plants with Fall Flower Power

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Fall flower power

Gardens can sometimes start to look a bit tired as summer moves into its final phase and fall arrives. Keep your garden in bloom throughout the fall by filling beds with flowers known for late-season color.

Utilize plants with late bloom periods and regularly prune during summer to ensure a fall garden filled with bold jewel tones.

Six Flowers that Put on a Fall Show



  • Aster. Daisy-like blossoms in shades of pink, blue, purple and white open in late August and continue until frost. Butterflies love it and it’s easy to grow. Plant in full sun in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 4-8. Grows 5 inches tall.



  • Sedum. While sedum burst into bloom at summer’s end, this tough plant looks good in the garden year-round. It requires minimal attention and is drought-tolerant. Plant in full sun in Zones 4-9. Grows 18 inches tall.



  • Chrysanthemum. Not just for one fall, mums can return year after year. To over-winter plant in the ground, add a heavy layer of mulch and water regularly. Plant in full sun in Zones 3-9. Grows 18 inches tall.


Perennial sunflower

  • Perennial Sunflower. This daisy-like flower blooms in late summer and early fall and attracts butterflies and birds. Stems tend to flop over, so snip often for fresh bouquets. Plant in full sun in Zones 3-9. Grows 8 feet tall.



  • Turtlehead. Nicknamed for the turtle-like shape of its pink or white blossoms, its waxy, green foliage looks great until frost. Plant in borders or along walkways and keep well-watered. Plant in full sun in Zones 4-9. Grows 3 feet tall.



  • Dahlia. This summer-planted bulb adds vibrancy from late summer through first frost. Choose from a huge selection of shapes, sizes and colors. Some larger varieties require staking. Plant in full sun. Grows up to 3 feet tall.

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