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6 Inspirational Holiday Trends Found on Pinterest

Renee Valdes
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Harvest Thanksgiving centerpiece

If you scour Pinterest for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating trends, you’ll find it’s all about rustic chic. 

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of opulence, too. Decorating trends on Pinterest show a variety of opposing styles because homeowners prefer to mix and match styles. 

Whether indoors or out, these favorite pins suggest using lots of wood and an abundance of metallic in your décor. 

Check out the hottest Pinterest trends for your Thanksgiving and Christmas decor.

Thanksgiving porch decor

1. Rustic. On Pinterest, there’s plenty of inspiration around the rustic trend for the holidays. These Thanksgiving and Christmas looks feature lots of tin, wood and burlap. Think silver or galvanized tin, or even red or other unusual tones.

For Christmas, try painting or bleaching pinecones. Another idea: Make a rustic holiday advent calendar.

Fireplace swags

2. Metallics. Though there’s plenty of wood this Thanksgiving and Christmas, you’ll also see lots of metallics in everything from swags to lanterns.

Holiday decor

For a quick DIY project, take a tall mason jar and spray paint it gold. Fill it with greenery, such as magnolia leaves or holly with berries. 

Succulent basket

3. Mixing materials. Christmas decorating is all about mixing things up. Think metallics with burlap and/or rustic wood. It will bring a modern twist to the rustic chic look, no matter where you live. Learn how to make this hanging Christmas planter with succulents.

Christmas tree dress

4. Go natural. Pinterest trends show plenty of gourds, leaves, twigs and freshly cut greenery used around your home or good fakes to create a natural look whether at Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

When you trim branches of freshly cut greenery and use them to decorate for Christmas, you’ll bring a festive air and fragrance to your home. Check out more reasons to love fresh cut greenery and this beautiful DIY Christmas tree dress* (pictured above).

Reusing decor for Christmas

5. Adapting and reusing. Pinterest is trending with ideas for reusing existing DIY projects and adapting them for the holidays. For example, a display from Halloween of galvanized buckets filled with Alberta spruce trees can also be for Christmas. Just switch out the letters and add ornaments and you’ve got Christmas decorations for your porch.

Learn more about holiday decor for your porch.

Starfish Christmas wreath

6. Plaids and stripes. Christmas decorating just would not be complete without plaid. Now Pinterest shows that stripes are another popular trend, especially in Christmas ribbon. A striped bow adds a bit of whimsy to this starfish wreath. 


*Special thanks to Emily Serafin for assisting with the Christmas tree dress.

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