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5 Ways to Protect Your Garden from Pests

Lucy Mercer
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You’ve done all the hard work, starting seeds indoors, hardening off seedlings, transplanting them into the garden. Then the deer come and wipe you out. Or it could be squirrels, or even creepy crawlies that attack your precious plants. Here are some tips to consider when ridding your landscape of pests. 



1. Go big or go home. If deer and other critters are a persistent problem, this garden enclosure may be the solution you need. Check out the video and step-by-step info.



2. Rabbits and deer are sensitive to scents. Plant strong-smelling rosemary, garlic and lavender near the garden to keep critters away from your vegetables and tender flowers.



3. If destructive insects like aphids, Japanese beetles, caterpillars and grasshoppers are a problem, consider releasing live ladybugs in the garden. Ladybugs will prey on the pesky pests. Read more about how to fight back against insects.



4. Deer and rabbits favor the tender leaves of hosta and other flowers. Plant these tasty treats in high-traffic areas near your home to keep shy critters away. When selecting plants, keep in mind that deer do not like prickly leaves or thorns. 



5. Other deer-proofing methods, many of which are eco-friendly, include hanging bags of human hair or bars of soap near the garden, contact repellents, area repellents and electric repellents sold in the Garden Center.


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