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5 Ways to Make Your Garden More Dog-Friendly

Renee Valdes
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Make your dog happy by creating space just for him.

Because your four-legged family members bury bones, sleep in flower beds and play around in the grass, dogs welcome play spaces of their own.

Give your canine companion dedicated spaces for his or her favorite activities — and preserve your garden while you’re at it.


A dog door is the perfect way to give your pooch the freedom to roam.

1. Roam. Give your doggie freedom and access to the space by installing a pet door. It’s an escape hatch and frees up your back and forth. Your dog just might let you sleep in.


Use a ready-made sandbox for your dog.

2. Dig. So that your garden doesn’t become your furry friend’s favorite digging space, try a sandbox. Put your dog’s favorite toys nearby to encourage use.


Dog's Inn doghouse is the perfect place for a nap.

3. Nap. Dogs can nap almost anywhere. Encourage your doggie away from your garden beds by providing a cool haven for a siesta. A dog house also is a great way to escape the elements. Interested in a DIY project? Learn how to build a custom canine condo with a rooftop deck.


Frog solar fountain

4. Drink. Try a fountain with running water, a fave among dogs to take a drink. This ceramic frog fountain circulates running water and runs on solar power, making it energy efficient and easy to set up. Just replace the water regularly to keep it free of dog hair and algae.


Dog rolling in the grass.

5. Roll. When you use organic fertilizers and pest control in your garden and yard, you are creating a safe haven for your dog to roll around and play.


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