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5 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthy

Home Depot
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Making healthy smoothies

What’s the easiest way to get kids to eat more fruits and veggies? Let them grow their own.

Growing fruits and veggies can get kids so excited about eating healthy that the produce may never make it to the plate.

Below are five edibles kids love to grow and eat.



1. Plant sweet strawberries. While strawberries may taste as sweet as candy, they’re full of vitamin C. Luckily, strawberries are as easy to grow as they are to eat. Plant in full sun in zones 3-10.


Snap peas

2. Pick sugar snap peas. Kids will get a kick out of watching these fast-growing peas climb a trellis. The fun continues as children snap these off the vine and pop them right in their mouths. Plant in full-partial sun in zones 3-11.


Search for buried carrots

3. Search for buried carrots. Kids love playing in the dirt, which they do a lot of while growing carrots. Plus, harvesting carrots is like uncovering buried treasure. Plant in full sun in zones 4-10.


Big, bold tomato

4. Watch tomatoes grow. As tomatoes ripen from green to red, kids can’t wait to try them. Kids prefer cherry or grape tomatoes. For extra fun, make a homegrown pizza sauce with herbs grown in your garden. Plant in full sun in zones 2-10.


Cucumbers in the garden

5. Have a cucumber contest. Challenge kids to a contest to see who can grow the longest cucumber. Crisp cucumbers are tasty raw, or can be pickled. Plant in full sun in zones 4-11.

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