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5 Ways to Break Out of a Gardening Rut This Year

Lucy Mercer
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Break Out of a Gardening Rut This Year | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Gardeners live by the seasons: planning in winter, sowing in spring, harvesting in summer and fall. It’s easy to get stuck in a gardening rut by planting the same flowers and growing the same vegetables. This year, break out of your gardening rut by trying something new.

5 Fresh Gardening Tips:

Daffodils | The Home Depot's Garden Club

1. Get outside

Take a walk, take a hike, tour a garden. Like my mother said, the fresh air will do you good, and you just may get inspired. Even in winter, gardens can be beautiful. This is the time of year to see the bones of the garden, like pathways and raised beds. If the weather keeps you inside, tour notable gardens online via YouTube, or fill your Instagram feed with flowers when you follow botanical gardens.


Aglaonema Fine Foliage | The Home Depot's Garden Club

2. Bring a new plant home

You succeeded with pothos and sansevieria, so now it’s time to add another plant to your collection. Try deceptively easy aglaonema from Costa Farms. The pinks, reds and silvery greens of the foliage will punch up your decor. Look in your local Garden Center for fresh houseplants, or order online. Within a few days, you’ll have a brand new plant fresh from the grower in your home.

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Garden path | The Home Depot's Garden Club

3. Make a new path

When you’re outside looking at gardens, take pictures of garden paths. Walkways guide your eye as well as your feet. Installing even a few stepping stones through your garden will change the way you experience your garden. Get inspiration for garden paths


Container Gardens | The Home Depot's Garden Club

4. Start small

Sometimes, the garden rut means having no garden at all. If you’re new to gardening, finding a comfortable place to begin can be overwhelming. Should you grow flowers or vegetables or houseplants? Or everything all at once?

Avoid feeling overwhelmed when you begin with containers. You can grow succulents, herbs, vegetables or flowers. You can start with seeds or seedlings. Everything you need to begin gardening in containers, from soil to seedling to fertilizer, is available in the Garden Center and online. In both places, look for Drop-n-Bloom containers that are ready to be enjoyed in your home.

Get started with container gardening.


Asters and butterfly | The Home Depot's Garden Club

5. Plant for pollinators

Butterflies and bees and hummingbirds will make your garden come alive in late summer. Plan now to add their favorite flowers to your landscape and come August, you will experience your garden in a brand new way. Spread wildflower mixes and tried and true favorites like zinnias when the soil is workable in spring. Bonus: you’ll have a lovely cut flower garden in addition to a butterfly habitat.

Encourage pollinators year-round with houses designed just for them. 


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