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5 Things You Must Do Now to Clean Your Garden Tools

Renee Valdes
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Pruners and gloves for the garden

As any gardener knows, a sharp pair of pruners makes cutting spent blooms and deadheading that much easier.

If you do these five things now, you will preserve your pruners and other gardening tools so they will be primed for pruning, lopping, digging and more.

Easy Steps for Preserving Tools:

  1. Rinse off after each use. Wash off excess dirt with your garden hoses and towel dry.
  2. Coat with WD-40. WD stands for “water displacement.” Use it on tools for protection against rust and corrosion.
  3. Sharpen regularly. Take care of your tools like a surgeon. Find the right sharpener and your tools will last for years.
  4. Remove rust. Rub tool with rust remover, sandpaper and steel wool.
  5. Reduce exposure. Limit exposure to the elements and store tools in a covered location.

When you have more time, seal the wooden handles on your garden tools (such as these transplanters) at least once a year. Try rubbing tung oil onto your tools from time to time to restore the wood.

Tools in your garden shed will thank you if you take care of them after each use.

Another idea: Store your garden tools in sand lubricated with a multi-purpose oil. The mixture of the sand with the oil will help prevent rust and keep your tools sharp. See our project on creating a garden tool storage container.

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