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5 Steps to Conserve Water

Home Depot
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You know how important it is to save water. But did you know that 30 percent of all water used each day is for “outdoor uses”? With a few simple tips, you can save water, money and time, and turn your landscape into an earth-friendly greenscape. 

5 Steps to Save Water:

  1. Create healthy soil. Buy or make compost and use it in garden beds and lawns. Vacuum and shred fall leaves for free mulch or buy biodegradable bagged mulch. Mulch keeps soil consistently moist and protects roots.
  2. Pick the right plants for your climate. Don’t grow water-hogging exotic or invasive species. Native plants often require less water and maintenance.
  3. Water wisely. Water deeply in the early morning, before temperatures heat up and cause excess evaporation. Check irrigation systems regularly and make repairs. Add a rain gauge to irrigation systems.
  4. Check for pests. Don’t jump in and spray at the first sign of insect damage. Let nature take its course. Integrated pest management means doing the least harmful thing first. Plant disease- and pest-resistant plants. If you have to use a pesticide, read the label and follow instructions. Ask a Garden Center associate for help choosing one right for your job.
  5. Go “green” on your lawn. Mow lawns to 3” to 3.5” and leave grass clippings. Don’t mow more than 1/3 of the height of the grass to promote a strong root system and fewer weeds. Test soil and amend as needed. To grow deep roots, switch to an organic or slow-release fertilizer.

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