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5 Plants Worth Tweeting About

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Bird on a dogwood

People often choose plants for their pretty flowers, interesting textures and bright colors. Birds, however, are looking for more. They scout your yard for food, habitat and safety for their young.

Attract birds and other pollinators by picking plants with nourishing seeds and fruits, dense foliage and out-of-reach branches. Ask your garden center associate for help on choosing the best plants for your area.

Five Plants that Attract Birds


Bird eating seeds from dry coneflower

  • Purple Coneflower. Showy coneflowers attract birds, butterflies and bees. Don’t prune these seed-bearing plants in fall; the birds will thank you for the extra food. Plant in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 3-10.



  • Dogwood. This tree is a favorite among people and birds alike when it’s bursting with flowers. The berries feed robins, bluebirds and dozens of other backyard birds during the winter and its limbs provide nest sites. Plant in fall in Zones 2-8.


Hummingbird sipping bee balm nextar

  • Bee balm. Loved by butterflies and hummingbirds in summer, bee balm is also relished by seed eaters in fall and winter. Its unusual shape stands out in the garden from summer all the way through winter. Plant in Zones 3-9.


Blanket flower

  • Blanket flower. This flower blooms from summer to fall and provides so many seeds that you can save some to plant next year or share with friends. The plant stays sturdy into winter. Plant in Zones 3-10.


Bird on sunflower

  • Sunflowers. In early autumn, this dependable bird magnet attracts all seed eaters. Birds often use sunflower seeds to fuel their long migrations. Save some seeds to plant this annual next year. They can be planted in every garden.

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